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Trust your sleep to us

Simply Perfect mattress is a part of The Foam Store family, whose roots are firmly planted right here in Kitchener. We’ve been in the business of designing, engineering, and perfecting foam mattresses for nearly 50 years—that’s a lot of good night’s sleeps. The result of our experience and effort has led to the creation of Simply Perfect, a chiropractor-recommended, 3-layer mattress that offers you the perfect level of comfort.

We understand better than anyone, it’s not about adding unnecessary layers; it’s about making sure the layers we have count. Because we design and manufacture Simply Perfect right here in K-W, we’re able to eliminate all those costly extra layers of the distribution and sales process and pass the savings directly on to you.

Trust your decision to take home a Simply Perfect mattress. You can try it for yourself in our showroom, take advantage of our free local shipping or take it home in our easy to handle box, then sleep on it for 100 nights to make sure it really is the perfect mattress for you. If it isn’t, we’ll refund your money. That’s a lot of reasons to trust your most comfortable sleep to us.

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